VI Industry regatta
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retail market
For the sixth consecutive year in May, owners, and top-managers of retail companies from all over Russia are going to marine business summit Redis Retail Regatta – away from the work bustle and operational tasks. It is a perfect combination of business practices, personal communication with C-suits from retail and a sailing race. Competition, informal communication, teamwork and learning the basics of maneuvering a sailing vessel.

There is no need to talk about the importance of personal communication with those who solve the same problems as you. It is a fact that these few days are equal in efficiency to several months of daily work in the office. Just have a look at the program and the list of participants of previous years. And be on the wave of business with Redis Retail Regatta!
New knowledge
Reference-visits to the stores, presentations from foreign speakers, practical business cases and tasks solution with the experience of colleagues from retail chains
Sailing race
Sailing race in the company of like-minded people could teach a different mindset to teamwork and company management
50 retailers
Only owners and top managers of retail chains take part in the regatta
«Thank you very much for this organized trip and program! You have thought everything out, surrounded us with care and attention! You know, in life of each person there are different events, different people, some of them are forgotten and passes by, leaving no trace in life. But, this event that you've made, will remain in my life forever, and I know that more than once I will recall memories from this journey, I will get a lot of positive emotions!»
Elena Boyko, Chief Financial Officer,
member of the Board of Directors «New trading systems»
«I am overwhelmed with emotions and want to tell the whole world what good fellows you are! Thank you for the excellent organization of the regatta, for the perfect balance between sports and business!»
Svetlana Belova, CEO of Swarovski
«I liked the atmosphere of the club and the team of our yacht. In general, it was a perfect match of participants on boats: people with similar experience, age, and interests»
Denis Marfutin, Marketing Director, Ford Russia
«I liked the spirit, the team, the rivalry! Very useful new contacts
and interesting conversations with colleagues».
Nikolaj Zatravin, CIO «О'Key»
«For me, the most useful was acquaintance with colleagues, new business contacts, as well as a lecture from SKOLKOVO business coach Sergey Deryabin».
Vyacheslav Shikulov, President of Samsonite Russia
«You did a great job! To organize a regatta for such a demanding audience,
I believe, is quite difficult!»
Vladimir Sadovin, President of «Azbuka Vkusa»
The organizer of the annual industry marine business summit Redis Retail Regatta is an executive club Redis Business Class, that unites more then 800 owners and top-managers from the largest retail chains, commercial real estate developers and distribution companies in Russia to share practical knowledge, experience and information,
to form an atmosphere of openness and trust between market participants.
Design and corporate identity of the company and regatta - branding agency Mildberry.
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